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The Water sector reforms that resulted in the enactment of Water Act 2002, has resulted into liberalization of the Water Sector. Some of the Key notable results of this Act are the creation of Water Service Boards and the Water Service Providers.

Mathira Water and Sanitation Company (MAWASCO) is a Public Company formed under companies Act Cap 486 and it is regulated by the Tana Water Service Board as well as the Water Service Regulatory Board in line with the provisions of Water Act 2002. The company is jointly owned by the Local Community, Nyeri County Government, and Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

MAWASCO was incorporated in July 2005 and became operational in December the same year when it acquired operating license from the Tana Water Service Board. The organization acquired its assets from the National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation and also the sewerage system from the Karatina Municipal Council. During its formation, the organization received a series of staff mix which were drawn from Karatina Municipal Council, MAWASCO main employees, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation. Currently the total number of employees engaged by the MAWASCO stands at 63 employees exclusive of short term consultants to be hired as and when the need arises and irregular casuals who are hired as and when the need arises.

The organization is managed by a Board of Directors which has been drawn to represent various stakeholder organizations. MAWASCO board is composed of the Managing Director who represents the Management of MAWASCO on a day to day basis. Other directors in MAWASCO board includes a representative for Local Professional Bodies, representative for all Industries and Institutions, Representatives from the County Government, a representative for Tea Farmers Organizations, a representative for Women Organisations, The Board is also composed of A representative Youth and Peoples with Disabilities, a representative for Business and Manufacturing Community, a representative for Coffee Farmers Organisations, a representative for Health Institution and a representative for the Tana Water Services Board.

The day to day operations of the Company are managed by the Managing Director who is assisted by two Departmental Managers namely, Commercial Manager and Technical Manager. These Departments are further sub divided into different sections which are headed by the Section Heads and Supervisors.

MAWASCO’s Vision is to lead the leaders in the provision ofQuality, affordable and portable Water and Sewerage Services to all residents of Mathira Division in line with the Water service provision expectations as stipulated in the National Water Development Plan, Vision 2030 and United Nations Millennium Development goals.

The Mission of the Organization is to ensure the provision of Quality, affordable, reliable, and portable Water and Sewerage Services to all the Residents of Mathira Division in line with the Vision 2030 and the UN Millennium Development goals.

The Key Business of the Organization is to engage in the provision of clean and portable Water Services as well as the provision of sewerage and sanitation services to the residents of Mathira Division both in the Rural, Peri-Urban, as well as in Urban areas.

Since its establishment in December 2005, MAWASCO is currently on its 8th year of operations after celebrating its Seventh anniversary in December 2012. The Company operating results shows that MAWASCO is a profitable venture with a good future. There are several opportunities which the company can convert into profitable ventures and increase its revenue collection. These stated opportunities are namely, the extension of sewer lines / systems, repairing renovation, rehabilitation and reactivation of the inactive Water connections which currently stands at 19,014 as at October 2013.

Other opportunities exists in the expansion of its sewerage and meter lines to other people who are not being served at the moment, reduction in unaccounted for water and productive use of sewer system to generate Biogas and its associated products in line with the Ministry of Water and irrigations guidelines as stipulated in the Water Act.

It is worthwhile to mention here that MAWASCO has a total of 18,569 registered connections out of which 15,123 are in rural areas and 3,446 in the Urban (Karatina Town). Out of the total registered connections the active connections as at May 2013 were 6012 with a total of 3174 connections being in the Rural areas and 2838 connections being in Karatina town.


The MAWASCO Motto is “Quality Water to All Always”. A reasonable funding to the organization will increase its productivity and viability.Since its inception, in December 2005, the Organization has received funding from the Government of Kenya to the tune of Kshs.33 million in the FY 2006/2007, Office of the President through ASAL program Kshs.2.5 million, National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation Kshs.10 million, CDF Kshs.3, 769,900, Karatina Municipal Council Kshs.2 million, Tana Water Services Board Kshs.2, 250,000 and Development Partners (JICA) to the tune of Kshs.126 million in the FY 2007/2008.  This funding support coupled with the internally generated revenue has speared the organization into a positive direction.

In conclusion, the success of MAWASCO in its operating Environment is based on its strengths of favorable support from the government, engagement of professional staff, topology of Mathira region that allows for the use of gravity in the distribution of water, elaborate water connection and sewerage system that was acquired from the National Water, supportive local community and their leaders and among others.

It is the hope of MAWASCO to lead the leaders in the provision of portable, quality and affordable water and sewer services to the residents of Mathira Division.  It is in the interest of the company to emerge as the best Water Service Provider in the country that serves the poor in rural, semi urban and urban areas.

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