Technical Services Department

tmThe technical services function is a key function in the Company with the responsibility of overseeing the planning, design, development and management of the Water production, distribution system and waste water treatment headed by the Technical Manager.   This department has the following key sections: -

  • bulletp1 Water Production
  • bulletp1 Water Distribution
  • bulletp1 Operation & Maintenance of water Infrastructures
  • bulletp1 Metering
  • bulletp1 Management of Non Revenue Water
  • bulletp1 Waste Water Collection and Treatment

This is achieved through:-

  • bulletp1 Reviewing and developing production plans and strategies and establishing performance standards in the department.
  • bulletp1 Identifying production, capacity and demand and formulating appropriate strategies to improve the performance
  • bulletp1 Monitoring the implementation of production plans and improvement programs.
  • bulletp1 Planning for equipment and facilities required for production operations.
  • bulletp1 Developing long-term departmental strategies, policies and plans to facilitate achievement of overall company objectives.
  • bulletp1 Training technical personnel on new policies, procedures and strategies
  • bulletp1 Supervising, appraising technical staff, identifying their training and development needs.
  • bulletp1 Ensuring that staff are motivated and that they perform in accordance with the standards of safety and competence laid down by the company.
  • bulletp1 Organizing for project design, implementation and effective management, either by using external consultant or in-house resources.
  • bulletp1 Ensure that connections done are in compliance with internal and external regulations and legislation in order to avoid any conflicts and also ensure the water reaching the customer is of the required standard.
  • bulletp1 Directing, coordinating, controlling and managing the operations and maintenance of infrastructure to ensure that water and sanitation services are focused to meet customer needs.
  • bulletp1 Supervision connections installations to the main water supply
  •  bulletp1 Ensure timely and economic repair of leakages or breakdowns in the supply system;
  • bulletp1 Periodically check on the working tools stock and advice for procurement of any materials needed for any particular task.
  • bulletp1 Developing a customer focus to provision of services by forming and maintaining good working relationship with customers and other partners.
  • bulletp1 Prompt response to customer’s complaints and concerns over the water distribution systems.
  • bulletp1 Supervise the operations, maintenance and extension of the water distribution network; ensuring right number of staff are deployed, economic use of available resources and tools; and deal with logistics of the operations.
  • bulletp1 Ensure the availability and efficient utilization of resources.
  • bulletp1 Take responsibility for preparation of annual budgets for the department
  • bulletp1 Organizing events in order to advice the public on the services provided by the company.



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