The customer care section deals with customer relations enhancement in fulfilling the company vision and mission as well as ensuring that we live to our core values.
We are working very hard to ensure that you; our customers get quality service. Towards this end we have a fully functional customer care office with trained customer relations officers.
Our work cuts across all departments as we are the link between the customers and the company. We have a complaints / compliments registration and follow up system known as majivoice. This system makes it easier for you to register your complaints/compliment through a number of ways as follows;

  • Sms: mathira#then write your complaint and send to number 15444
  • Dial *624# and follow the process
  • Call our customer care numbers/visit our customer care offices and your complaint will be registered
  • Go to www.majivoice.comand select Mathira Water Company

You shall receive a sms alert with your complaint reference number on your phone         confirming your issue has been registered and another sms later after your issue has been resolved.      

You can also contact us through these customer care numbers: 0716-802664 and 0773-855003. These numbers are operational 24 hours. You can also pay your bills using our business number 321450.

To ensure that our customers are well enlightened about our operations we issue our customers with pamphlets on operations as well as water charges.

We also have exit questionnaires for customers who are closing accounts in which we request them to give us their independent opinion on how they rate our services in various areas. Their compliments, constructive criticism and suggestions are an input that makes us better.

We also hold customer care clinics, public barazas, sensitization campaigns, corporate sponsorship on various activities as well as encourage stakeholders’ participation in our activities and through baseline surveys.

We encourage customer feedback!

Keep speaking to us via letters, e-mails, telephone calls, tweeter, face book and we will take necessary action.

Last but not least we face various challenges in our operations but they are surmountable. We will keep improving. Keep supporting us but do not hesitate to critic us when we don’t perform to your expected standard. You are after all; our employer!

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Mathira Water and Sanitation Company 

P.O Box 1981- 10101  Karatina

Tel. No. 020-2659069 Mobile: 0773 855003

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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